Forever and Always

Juliana’s yellow stilettos hit the narrow wooden path that connects two ends of a platform. Juliana hasn’t always been the fashion diva, which is a surprise that today she decides to wear her lovely yellow tiered dress, to her old summer camp. She stares into the lake and just smiles as the memories come back.

It’s been 15 years since she’s been to this camp. The one long spot that is colored different from the rest of the narrow path reminds her of when the girls colored it that years ago to mark “Girl Territory.”

That was long ago and like the camp, Juliana had changed. But like the marked path, somethings hadn’t. Somethings happened in that camp that she couldn’t forget. Like the boy she first fell in love with. The one she secretly stayed up all night talking to on this very path, the one she made a promise to.

“Remember this, Jared?” Juliana says aloud to no one, “We had so many memories on this path. Unforgettable ones. I hope even if Heaven this path stays unforgettable, and so does our love.”

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