Love letter

Dear L,
If you even dare to be upset over something as stupid as a GRAMMAR boy then you really do need tutoring! They are shallow, insensitive bastards who are definitely not worth any of our time. He’s just doing it to get a rise out of you. He’s bored with his life so he has to go around and ruin other peoples.
You are so damn beautiful it seriously isn’t fair. I’ll tell you a secret. I feel really guilty about it but when that guy Patrick invited me to his school for the fair, and I was thinking about who to bring I didn’t want you to come coz I knew if u did I had absolutely no chance with any of the guys there. I feel so bad that that even came through my head but I couldn’t help it! I mean cum on, every guy that likes me meets u and then immediately changes his mind! I’m sorry if that makes you feel bad but u really need to realise that you are fucking gorgeous and the cutest and sweetest little lady I know. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT THAT YOU ARE DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS!!!

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