The Hypocrite

All I can do is laugh. Laugh at what you say and do. You call us all bitches, then proceed to explain in detail why we are all so much worse than you. You say you hate pop culture, that you are strong and individual, but really you’re just as mainstream as all of us. You are so ‘anti-conformist’ that have conformed to the conformist view of non-conformism.
And then there is that beautiful piece of literature you posted about me on you’re website, what was it again? Ah yes:
“You walk around the school saying ‘sex’ over and over again, you pout your lips, swear unnecessarily and defend twilight when people bag it out. You are the epitome of everything I hate. And the chances of me getting sex are much higher of you getting it at all. So shut up and fuck off, because nobody is interested. Stop ruining others’ innocence.”
Guess what bitch. NOBODY LIKES YOU. So stop trying so hard and get a life. And no, I don’t mean animé conventions. They’re cool until you go to them.

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