When the clock struck four.... Part 1

As I walked in the field of aptly named daisies, I noted the new coat of paint on the river. How odd, I thought, as the river should not get a new coat of paint, being a liquid. It was then that I noticed the smell of rotting flesh coming from the direction of the river. As I walked over, the stench got stronger. There was a rotting corpse on the riverbank, just next to the bridge. I ran off in shock, and was crying. As I ran, I found refuge in the nearby forest. I followed the stream, intending to find my way home. As I went along, I noticed two shadows in the nearby trees. They followed me for a while, until I called out to them. Then I realised, they were child eating lumberjacks. As my fate became apparent I picked up a dead, wingless, legless and headless sparrow which was conveniently at my feet. I threw it at a nearby guillotine, which then decapitated the closest child-eating lumberjack as its blade flung off and struck him.

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