When the clock struck four... Part 2

It was unfortunate then, the remaining lumberjack’s friend was dead, and he was very, very angry. “Damn” he said as he swung his huge, blood covered axe blade at me. I dodged, but a drop of infected zombie baby blood got in my eye, it was not until then that I noticed the zombie baby’s corpse hanging in the tree above me. I fell down, and large, pulsing growths grew on my hands and feet; they spread throughout my body. I rose to my feet. I thought I must have been 17 feet taller, as I was approximately 9 feet above the trees. Little did I know that I had simply landed on a super-duper trampoline when I fell and was in the process of rapidly falling. The child eating lumberjack, predicting where I would land, set up 20 wooden spikes in a 10 foot radius right beneath me.

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