When the clock struck four... Part 3

Again, predicting my fate, I opened my arms and flew away with my amazingly random growth of required bodily function mutation (ARGORBFM), this time, I grew a parachute on my head. Unfortunately, due to my sudden evolution into a zombie, my head detached and flew off as a gale force south-westerly wind picked up. Off my head flew as I fell. I tried to activate my ARGORBFM but due to my lack of head, it didn’t work. I fell onto the spiked and an epic pain shot through my headless body. A helicopter flew ahead. On it said: The Chinese Society of the Calligraphy Writers of Singapore. They dropped a small, not quite long enough rope ladder towards me. Using my previously not working but now mysteriously is ARGORBFM; I reach out with an elongated arm. I climbed the ladder at an alarming rate.

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