When the clock struck four... Part 4

Those on board welcomed me with a kind of ancient respect, as if they had known me forever. Of coarse they had not, as if they did, I must have been either alive for thousands of years, which I know I haven’t, or, that I was a messiah… The latter was most unlikely, but many odd things had been happening, so, I took my chances and stayed on the helicopter owned by the Chinese Society of Calligraphy Writers of Singapore. As the helicopter flew on, my ARGORBFMed head (with a parachute) flew into the cabin where I was strapped in. I new this because, luckily enough, my ARGORBFM activated and grew some eyes on the palms of my hands. This was as annoying as it was painful as whenever I touched anything, I either could not see, or I had the painful sensation of scratching your eye.

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