She looked beyond the corner, fearing to see the sort of thing often featured on the Evening Report. It looked harmless enough, just a dumpster and a cat going through some mu-shu pork, well, it might have been, she wasn’t interested enough to check. It was actually pretty clean, well, for an alley in a rather large city at least, and there didn’t appear to be any thieves or rapists, so, after checking her taser and cursing her brother, Molly headed into the alley.
Now, Molly wasn’t the kind of person you’d usually find in a dark, though rather clean, alley; and she wouldn’t have been in this one on this night if she hadn’t received a short, but not so sweet, letter from her only sibling the evening before.
“Tomorrow 10pm, Alley off of 32nd and H. Come alone. I have some Amazing news.”
“Amazing news… bah. I’ll show him amazing news” Maybe she’d have a chance to try out her taser after all.

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