In the Present

“You trying to see my aura again?” Kyle asked with a smirk edging onto his face through the gradually slowing breaths.

So, he’s in the present.

“Maybe,” I answered, trying to be evasive. There wasn’t much point to it though. I may have been the one gifted with the sight, but Kyle was as perceptive as they came.

“I keep telling you it’s no use.” His eyes drifted up and out of their reverie, though he looked past me and out to the scenery whipping by outside the open door.

“And I keep telling you that’s not a good sign. You keep too much bottled up, held too tightly.”

He shrugged and made that face, the one he always makes when any of us try to draw him out his self-imposed isolation. His eyes turned languid once again, the lids sliding closed in thought. The discussion was over. For the time being he would keep his thoughts, his feelings, and his aura to himself.

Still, that didn’t mean I was about to stop trying, both to catch a glimpse of what he held so close and convince him to let go.

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