Technopathy 101

Technically, it’s not stealing.

That’s what I tell myself and that’s what gets me through the day. Not that I ever had much conscience about my ability. It’s always been pretty simple. I walk up to an ATM, concentrate really hard on the amount of money I want and out it comes.

I’ve always had a way with machines. I can remember focusing on a drink machine and thinking, Pepsi; a few seconds later, out popped a cold bottle of soda. Same with candy machines; think and eat.

Computers made things a lot simpler for me. Not so much concentration. Fewer headaches than when I worked mechanical things. It’s like we speak the same language. Once I tricked a computerized lock on an armored car just to see if I could do it. Too many guards though and with guns too.

I looked it up. Technopathy is what my ability is called.


Technically, it’s not stealing. And even if it is, it’s not like banks don’t steal from other people, every day.

Whatever. It’s a living.

Plus, how are they going to catch me?

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