Ever shop again?

What the hell will his freaky little mind come up with next?

She couldn’t know for sure, but it seemed like she’d been in the room for a couple of months. How she regretted not checking the back seat after shopping that night. No windows, so she thought she was underground. He’d been feeding her, not great food, but she wouldn’t starve, and at least the chains and clamps were off her now. With the locked door, where could she go anyway?

Surely his imagination was exhausted by now. He’d ‘experimented’ with lots of sick ideas so far: saturation 3 times a day, piercings all over her body with a hot needle, probably drugs in the food (judging by the hallucinations), putting hungry rats in the room with her, and random electrocutions with a rod.

Exhaustion was a good word for her state. The lights stayed on always, so she slept with difficulty, but was getting used to it now. No idea what he was doing as he watched her through the mirror window.

What the???

Now the lights are out. Pitch black. What’s next?

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