Ash's a Horror in the World of Pokemon

“I’ll get her. Just wait Dawn. I’ll get you.” I chuckled evilly. I ran after her. She was the only other witness. I already killed Brock. What’s left of him is taking a trip down the stream.
“I think I lost him,” Dawn said, stopping to catch her breath, “Ash has gone insane. He murdered that girl. And then Brock. I hope he doesn’t find me.” I know, I’ll freak her out before I kill her. I’ll enjoy her terror.
So I stepped on a twig. She jumped at the sound of it snapping. She looked frantically for where I was hiding. She started to hyperventilate. She backed up into a tree. I climbed into the tree. Then I started to laugh. Not just any laugh, it was the kind that sent chills down your spine.
Dawn looked up to see me in the tree, staring down and grinning evilly at her. Dawn screamed, and I kept laughing. I jumped down and walked over to her. She backed away, only to trip on a tree root. She fell down, and I grabbed her by the throat.
“Good bye Dawn,” I laughed. I just tightened my grip, until she became limp.

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