No god I know is still alive -
all five thousand and seven
appear to have died.

The great god Huitzilopochtli
led the Aztecs’ divine pack -
but He departed awhile back.

Zeus was fun, and had His run,
but while disguised as a swan,
they say, His neck got wrung.

Pluto – God of the Underworld,
offended the ladies of Hades,
and got buried in his own Hell.

Thor, I’m told, was big and bold,
but going out without a cloak,
they say, He died of the cold.

And ghosts of dead Indian gods
can’t even haunt a decent tepee,
and many die on late night T.V.

No prisoners tremble on the altar
when their beating hearts are torn
to join Tezcatlipoca in the sky.

And no children scream as they
are loaded onto the simple machine
that feeds them to Moloch’s fire.

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