Lost in london day 1

Most people think running away from home is easy, well it’s not you’re leaving everything behind and stepping in to a completely new world. For starters you can stuff getting a councel flat unless you were forced out of your home you’ve got no chance. And getting a job is almost impossible, What employer would hire a tramp who has hair down to his shoulders and smelt like he was living in a dustbin? No there are only two ways to survive beg for hours until someone gives you a couple of quid or steal.

So it was my first day being homeless i had £120 on me and i had to live off that for the next few weeks. The first thing i did was look for the cheapeast hotel i could sleep in, and i found one £58 a week that means i would have 1 week to look for a job. The room wasn’t fancy it had a shower running water and a small bed it would do.

So i headed to the nearest job centre, they asked a load of questions “How old are you?” Said the woman who was interviewing me 17 i replied.

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