The Confessions of a Teenage Prostitute

Friday night, time to finally get away from the world, even if it is in a strip club. Nice girls and bitches all dancing on one stage, trying to find a date to go home with, get money and move on. That’s the typical life for us prostitutes and I’ve been sucked into it, thanks to no extra money from my parents. I know that’s not an excuse to sell my body, but if that’s the only way I’m getting myself extra money, I’ll do it.

My parents have money, but my mom’s a drunk, and my dad’s abusive. Typical, right? Ironically, though, I go to a Catholic school. Of course nobody knows about my life outside of school. I keep my school life at school and my personal life, personal. I guess you could say I live a double life.

Normal girl by day, prostitute by night. Known as Seductive Stacie to few, Stacie Cole to the rest.

But as exciting as this life may seem it isn’t all fun and games. Well, other than unprotected sex, there is one thing I have to make sure never happens.

Let myself fall in love.

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