After Hours (I)

I leave the stage with nothing on except my lingerie.

“Jesus,” Mesmerizing Mary says as she wipes her mouth with one of the many baby wipes she carries around, “I hate guys with small dicks, they have the most come.”

“Honey, you get used to it after the first 6 times,” Kendra advises. Kendra, like most of the others, don’t have nicknames. Only the really good dancers get them.

“Whatever, I really have to pee, is the bathroom free?” I ask.

“Free if you wanna join in to make a three way with Marline and her client,” Mary says. I roll my eyes and sigh. “Want a cup or something?”

“I’m okay, I’ve gotta customer. You’ve gotta little come on your shirt,” I point out as I put clothes back on. I exit through the back door to the parking lot where I see Julie jacking off someone I had sex with once.

“How much are you?” I turn around and see the guy from the club smiling at me. He’s cute, which is going to make this more fun.

“100 every hour.”

“Better be a damn good night,” he says.

“Oh, it’s gonna be.”

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