More Than Words

I step out onto the stage after our break, and the crowd begins to cheer. I check the set list on the floor, get the time from the drummer, and lead in to one of our more popular slow songs. I smile to myself as I sing; this one always works for someone.

“She smiles at me across the room
And drifts my way on sweet perfume”

I start eying the crowd as we finish the first verse. I can usually spot them by this point. I strain my eyes against the stage lights, casing the room from left to right.

“I ask to dance, and she agrees
I will the strength into my knees”

There! Near the back. She approaches him coyly at the bar, brushing a strand of auburn hair over her ear. They talk for a few moments, and he leads her to the dance floor. She drapes her arms around his neck, and he places his hands lightly on her hips. The magic builds as the song comes to an end, and they lean in…

“Our hearts entwine in tender bliss
Our lips embraced in love’s first kiss”

Good luck, kids. I got the ball rolling.

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