Bored Bored So Very Very Bored!

“Bored Bored SOOOOO very very bored! Please text me!” I sent that text to everyone. Everyone were busy at home doing their science fair project. Except Jenny (Jennifer)
" Don’t be so pushy Janie! Gosh you are so mean their is a reason you don’t have any friends!" Jenny replied!
“OK Jenny I understand we haven’t got in along ion the past but i though we were friends! Sometimes I feel you have to get a life!” I replied pissed that she was so rude!
“Janie you have everything! Picture perfect family, money, everything!” She replied!
I wanted to punch her in the face so hard i can’t even describe it!
“Gosh do you realize how hard a work to keep you happy princess?! I mean everyday is I can’t do anything that upsets you! And David only asked you out in pity! You are sad and disparate!” I said meaning every word!
“Me I am the princess!? Have you looked in the mirror lately? You are self centered fat bitch, ugly to!

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