Bored Bored So Very Very Bored!2

“Are you really calling me fat Jeniffer!? You are a perfect sphere! You can’t sing, you are ugly (inside and out), and I am scared when you walk down the hall way! Cause if you fall you will roll down and knock me over like a bowling pin!” I said so pissed I was about to go to her house and cuss her out then beat her so hard even harder than her screwed up mom!
“You didn’t have to be a f***ing bitch about it!” She replied!
I was better off without her! I mean she has always been mean to me! Also I can get over people easily! Wait I got another text from her!
“OK to scared to answer bitch!?”
“Bring it on Bitch number 2!”
“Who is number 1?”
“Me! I have earned the nick name! You should know! Out of all people!”

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