A.M.U. (Associated Monsters United)

“Welcome, I’m glad you could all be in attendance. Now about this year’s halloween…it’s not good, yes count?”

Count Acula, “I am dissapointed with how my people are being portrayed. I mean sparkly emo teenagers, come on! Blagh!”

Swamp Thang, “At least people still talk about you guys, I haven’t been mentioned in popular culture in over 10 years!”

Zombie, “NAGGHHHH!!!”

Frank, “Thank you zombie, at least no one can get you wrong. Now I know you all have concerns but we need to handle this with digni… WOLF! Get off the furniture! Now!”

Wolf gets down off the sofa, his tail between his legs.

Frank, “Now as I was saying, dignity. What do you think Jasper did when ghosts were reduced to digital camera blurs and Dickens characters, did he lie down, NO! He stood up and started looking like a drowned asian girl. Now what do you say we pull ourselves up and kick it old school?”


Frank, “Cool.”

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