“I can’t live like this anymore!!” Mars exclaimed as we were suspended over the burning pit of fire.
“Why not? It’s awfully toasty!!” I tried to be happy so he wouldn’t end up like mom and dad; burning in the fire.
“It’s so fucking hot!!” I sighed at this. Moms exact words.
“C’mon, we made it this far, they have to take us out sometime.” I said, looking on the bright side. His skin was already burnt black with ash.
“No! They never will!” he screamed at me. “I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it…”
“NO! Please! You’re all I have left!”
“I’m sorry, brother.” Those were his last words before he jumped into the pit of fire.
“MARS! Why’d he have to go like this?” My tears were dried by the fire so no one saw me crying.
“Damn it!! My marsh mellow fell in!” Zack exclaimed.

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