Preaching to the Masses

It was fascinating. She could write an article and people would be offended. Not at her, not by her, but at whatever she’d selected as the target of her ire.

Stella didn’t really care when newscasters swore on air, or when a new videogame had the audacity to feature red pixels, or when some pretentious playwright had a man call himself Jesus on stage, but that was the beauty of it- so many people did. Enough to bombard people with angry letters and to sell papers by the shedload.

If she was wrong- and she often was, having cribbed many of her “facts” from nothing more than hunches or pure imagination- she was never expected to withdraw her statement; no apology, no responsibility. The conglomerate which owned the paper had recently won a court case that declared they had no moral or legal obligation to report the truth.

So what she wrote and broadcasted didn’t really have to be anything except thought-provoking entertainment. She was always provocative, and watching the fallout was always entertaining…

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