Moments Later

“Thanks,” said Cerrekk, croaking a little and feeling the bruise on his neck.

“Don’t mention it.” Voln nudged the body with his boot just in case.

“I would’ve prefered if you hadn’t said the one-liner.”

“It’s what I do.”

Cerrekk grimaced. “I mean, really? A masturbation reference? Sure you saved my life but now whenever I remember this I’ll think of… things happening in a back alley establishment.”

Voln peered ahead as if at some inner vision, shuddering. “Ah crap now I will as well. You’ve got a dirty fucking mind!”

“You’re the one recommending that the guy finds a place where he can get a handjob.”

“That’s not what I was doing! It was just a badass thing to say!”

“Now every time I thank God that I’m still alive I’ll be thinking of a Crivinian immigrant interfering with some hairy bastard at a parlour.”


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