Normal Girl By Day (I)

I’ll be honest with you, for a second I actually thought I liked that guy, but after he paid me my $500 for the night, I thought I liked the guy after that and after that. So, none of them really impressed me, it doesn’t change that it was just a stage, you know?

The weekend went by really fast and when I got home late as hell Sunday night, my parents didn’t even notice. I didn’t see the guy again at the club, so I got around a lot faster since he wasn’t wasting my time trying to talk.

I get to school a little late, but today we have Chapel so thankfully everyone is too busy praying to Jesus and Mary to notice me coming late. The only people that notice are the girls in the back pews that I end up sitting with.

“So, what did you do this weekend, Margaret?” Becky, the peppy one, asks.

“My parents made me go to this baby shower. Boring,” she sings the last part, “what did you do Stace?”

They all look at me.

“Me? Oh, I just slept all weekend,”

What? It’s not a lie.

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