It was supposed to be an easy hit. My part, I just had to get close enough to the guy to get a proper read. You know, get a glimpse of his mind, his plans, maybe find a moment he’d be less guarded. Then the other dude would come, is what I heard, some dude that can make it look like the guy just up and died naturally. I said to the boss, dude’s so good, why do you need me checking out the guy for? He wants to make sure things go smooth, he says. So my job is just to get near the guy, ‘cause then I can see stuff clear as day. I could do it from a distance, but it’s tougher, the details get fuzzy. And the boss is keen on the details…

And then, just as I’m working my way in, I feel it. At first it was just a kind of buzzing in my head, but then everything went way cold and I can’t see nothing. I’m standing two feet from some chick and I can’t read her at all. I look over to where the mark is standing, and there’s James, right next to him. Somebody must’ve tipped him off, I told the boss. He was not happy.

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