He Friend Requested Me

Ami sat at her bedroom desk, her laptop sitting half opened as she finished her history homework. Her long ebony hair fell in her face as she wrote about the Holocaust. When she finished she opened up the laptop and logged into facebook.
A new friend request popped up.
Hudson Anderson. ‘Who Are you’ She whispered. She clicked accept and went to his profile.
He was 16 and lived in Ohio. “An old friend?” She questioned aloud. “No, I would remember him.” He is handsome she thought to herself.
Just then She heard the ping of a chat window opening it was him.
Hudson: Hey 8:15 p.m.
Ami stared at the screen. ‘should I say hi back or ignore him?’
She slowly typed in Hi. She waited as he replied. The anticipation of finding who he was killed her. Finally the computer pinged and she read his reply.
What’s up? I’m in a local band and we’re trying to get fans. Ami sighed. Why did he add her as a friend?
nm. thats cool. Do you go to my school. She said not knowing it would lead to a 2 hour long conversation.

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