Mother's Little Helper (1)

On a beautiful July day in 1966 four very beautiful women were spreading bitter ugliness.

“She must wake up before the birds to get her hair that perfect,” Laura said, brushing away a strand of her blonde hair.

“She couldn’t have, then how could she have baked this cake? It doesn’t taste ‘slapped together.’ " Donna said.

“It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about your figure, Donna. I could never eat three whole slices of cake,” Charlotte sweetly said, dripping in venom. Donna cleared her throat and slowly placed her plate on the table.

“Shut up, Betty’s coming,” Rose hissed.

Fake smiles swept their faces.

“Hi Betty! Lovely party!” Laura said.

“Tommy’s having a wonderful time,” added Donna.

“Well then it was all worth it,” Betty said, smiling brightly

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