Dream Portal 4

kick in. my car begged for grip as I slowed to 80 mph in what seemed like a blink of an eye, i continued my downshift into 4th, the cranked my steering wheel, left off the brakes, hit my traction control button disabling it, and then I slammed my accelerator, sliding through the 40mph overpass nearly sideways until I hit the main road. I hoped for light, for a cop, for a pedestrian; none were to be had. I continued accelerating again, up to 120mph in a 25mph zone. I checked my mirror and didn’t spot them, but I knew they had to be around. Suddenly, as though my mind had been plumbed by a leach, my head shot back into my chair and a flood of memories rushed into my minds eye. I gasped for air as this download occurred. I hit make brakes hard again, flipping up my handbrake and spinning my car around to go back to where I came from. Everything was slow now, a dream sequence, my movements were exact but all lacking urgency, my fear dissipated, my calm returned, but all with an unrelenting urge to reconnect…

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