dream portal 6

tried to run, but my shadow did not allow it. In what can be best described as a hand, he grabbed one by its “neck”, pulling it apart like a candy necklace. the dark matter sprayed about at me, and as i covered myself to prepare for a gooey shrapnel…nothing hit me, simply went through me. My shadow continued its rampage, destroying the remaining things in a brilliant barrage of skull smashing punches and spine snapping kicks. While these things may not have been human, the way they broke reminded me of humans in a strange way.
This shadow, my shadow, he was my guardian. I was special, though I didn’t understand why at that point, and still, honestly, don’t fully understand why now, but I know that when people die on this earth, not all of them go to heaven for the good life of sipping martini’s on whichever beach they choose. Some men, fighters on earth, become fighters still in the afterlife. Powerful gladiators that protect those whom need it the most. My gladiator was a powerful leader, warrior, and man

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