Verbal match

“I just didn’t feel like talking about it”,yelled Glen.“But it was you who keeps saying that one need not keep anything from each other.That is the basis of a strong relationship.And rule one is that you need not have to think before pouring out your mind before the other”,defended Sarah.
Where was I?I was keeping score.Currently the score was G:S 2:5.Yes girls always scored higher in any argument which concerned feelings. “Come one Glen its your turn now”, I helped.
“Yes,but didn’t I make it clear that those thoughts would have hurt you.That’s the only reason I kept them from you.I was very sure if I did talk to you about it,you would have broken down and started because its always ‘Ouch!my feelings!’ right? ". “That’s not fair.You have hurt me by keeping something from me.Instead of apologizing you are justifying your actions.This is seriously not done Glen, sob sob”.
Until now the score was G:S 4:7 but since Sarah started crying,the score has changed to 4:30.You obviously know who wins this match right?

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