Soul Mate?

“We talked for two hours Sandra!” Ami screeched as they talked on the phone.
“No way!” She squeeled on the other line. “So what did you talk about?”
Ami thought about it and finally said, “Music. nothing but music.” Ami smiled as she replayed the conversation in her head. She fell on to her red oak bed and blood red comforter and smiled a sigh. “That’s amazing Ami. I think you founud your soul mate.” Sandra said seriously. “I know I can’t believe it now only if we could hang out he’s busy every weekend.” Ami blushed as Sandra announced that Ami had found her soulmate.
As they walked into French class they chatted about hudson some more.
Hudson sat on the tour bus thinking about the girl he talked to the night before.
“Dude! Focus.” Andrew yelled at him chucking a pillow at his face. “Grab your bass and get ready to practice.” Hudson shook his head and grabbed his Fender Jazz. He smiled as their conversation played through his head…

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