Aggressively Normal.

The council watched in solemn silence as the video played on the gigantic presentation screen.

Napalm’s fires went out in an instant and she skidded to a bloody halt on the pavement. Tinman’s metal skin fell away from his body like foil, leaving raw muscle exposed. Paradox tried to teleport and ended up paradox-ing himself into nonexistence. And about twenty years of Patient Zero’s healed battle wounds opened back up.

All because they got too close to the target.

“Gentlemen, we’re out of options. We have lost every single combat Super we have to this guy. As you can see, he renders them powerless.”

“And you say he’s killed every combat Super?” Asked one man in the back.

“Correct. Even Dreadnaught.”

“So, fully knowing this man negates powers, you sent our entire force of Supers against him.”

“And they all failed, yes.”

“Okay, so… so, I may be missing something here, but, uh, can’t we just… shoot him? In the head region, preferably?”


“Yeah… council dismissed, then?”

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