How I hate chocolate

There was a chocolate cake sitting on the table. It was creamy and yummy and difficult to resist. There were other entities too that shared table space with the cake. One was a bowl of hot chocolate sauce staring at a freshly made brownie and a box of muffins. There were some boxes of choco chip cookies placed very close to a fresh fruit cake. A chocolate mousse just occupied a small square on the table and looked small but tasty and was kept beside a small round box full of heart shaped pure chocolaty chocolates. There was another plate full of Tiramisu and chocolate and strawberry fudge. A few cups of mixed fruit ice cream and a layer of tuti fruti occupied another corner of the table. There was a customised cake with two layers of plain cake and a middle layer of fresh thick chocolate sauce. The whole cake was dripping with chocolate sauce. And Ewa was sitting there describing all these mouth watering desserts to herself and yelling and screaming and saying to herself “I am on a DIET! I hate chocolate.”

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