Shadows are scary

Alice was swimming happily. Pearl was awaiting her turn to take a splashy revenge on Alice. Then Annie joined them in their water fight. Zia sat there enjoying looking at the eventful fight.
Suddenly Zia saw a dark shadow creeping up from the floor of the pool. It was moving fast towards Annie. It reached for her feet and within no time it grabbed hold of her and wouldn’t let her go. Alice and Pearl who were nearby tugged at Annie. But all the efforts were in vain. The shadow overpowered Annie and started moving towards the floor of the pool.
Zia stood there petrified and cold. She could see that the shadow was now coming for Pearl. She yelled her guts out and told Pearl to abandon the pool at once. But the shadow was faster. It caught hold of Pearl’s hands and rendered her unable to swim. Alice tugged at her and tried to swim. But in no time Pearl was gone and Alice too.
Now the shadow was emerging from the water towards Zia. “No leave me alone, spare me” I woke up screaming for help. It was a dream. Whew!

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