Old Grandfather called us into a story circle soon after we had all eaten. He had a very special tale to tell.

“Chavatangakwunua,” Old Grandfather began, “had no husband, even though she had seen 16 summers. Sadly, she was plain, and unmarried braves were stricken only by beauty. She was sad and lonely.”

“Coyote Trickster pitied Chavatangakwunua, for he knew she was pure of heart and strong of body. He visited her in a dream as a handsome brave and married her. They spent a night of passion together before he departed in the morning.”

“When it became known that Chavatangakwunua was with child, other women in the village were jealous. They believed she had been with one of their husbands. They were angry with her”

“When Chavatangakwunua’s baby arrived, he came with blue eyes and a sly smile. She revealed that Coyote was his father – very powerful medicine.”

“That boy grew to become a powerful shaman and a healer among our people. It is said he was a trickster all his days and made his mother proud.”

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