Carni the Carny from Kearney

Carni the carny from Kearney
Ran a most peculiar show.
We’d heard raves from Old Uncle Barney
And so we decided to go…

The site was a sight
And we weren’t laggin’.
She used chocks made of chalk
To keep wagons from waggin’.

There were acts with an axe
And bears that were bare.
The band had been banned
Still, their music was there.

The horses would canter
But the cantors were hoarse
So the belles wearing bells
Rode a course that was coarse.

Carni phased in the fazed.
We were awed by the odd.
The feats at our feet
Gave us cause to applaud.

Then Carni the carny from Kearney
Said in her ringmaster’s voice,
“Be sure to come back tomorrow!
You won’t see the same show twice!”

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