The Hiding pt.6

Unsteadily, she got out of her chair and stumbled towards her door. She stood for a few seconds with her hand on the doorknob, swaying. Finally, with a flick of her wrist, she twisted the doorknob and pulled the door.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. At first, the picture before her didn’t register properly. As her eyes focused, she noticed that it was already dark and the streetlights had turned on; all except for the broken one in front of her house. On her doorstep, stood the same small man from earlier, this time with a very large rectangular package on a trolley. Again, it was wrapped in paper and tied with string.
“Evenin’” he muttered under his breath, “You can keep the trolley.” He scuttled off into the night without another word. Mary was very puzzled. She trotted forward and examined the large object. She knocked on it. It sounded metallic and slightly hollow. Instead of trying to guess what it was, she walked to the handles of the trolley and wheeled it inside.

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