The Hiding pt.8

When she regained consciousness, she found herself enclosed in a very tight space, the air almost non-existent. She tried to open her eyes, but her lids seemed glued shut. Her finger twitched and a massive, crippling wave of pain overwhelmed her. She noticed her limbs were jutting out in unnatural positions; her bones broken. Gently, she moved her right forearm, which didn’t hurt quite as much, and felt her surroundings.
‘That isn’t right…’ she thought ‘that feels like….paper…!’
Her heartbeat quickened and she began to hyperventilate. Her thoughts spun in circles, hitting against the side of her head with seemingly audible bumps. Again she tried to open her eyes, but this proved impossible. Suddenly a voice broke through her confusion.
“Don’t struggle ma’am, you’ll only hurt yourself. Don’t worry; it won’t take too much longer.”

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