The interview

“Hello it is Bethany Hanker, I am interviewing Janie Everture.”

“Now Janie. thank you for coming today. "
“Yes, the pleasure is all mine.”
“Now, there will be random questions thrown left and right. Are you ready?”
“Born ready.”
“ok here we go… Now what is your favorite shoe. Not shoes, just shoe.”
“What is your favorite eye color?”
“what do you love to do for a passion.”
“To wear My Snuggie.”
“ahhh…. gives weird look to the audience.
“Have you ever been in love, in real love?”
“yes, with my fifth grade teacher, while i was in fifth grade… He was sooo hot. he loved me to
eyes bulge out of sockets OK… Well, Do you have a boyfriend right now?”
“Why yes I do, My current 7th grade teacher.”

“ok guys, I think that will be all….. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEACHERS!!!”

Cuz theire hot

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