The Object Of Love Part I

James and Lane were two young teens, fulfilling a life so empty. Never knowing what their parents once looked like, or what their voices may have sounded like.
Feeling as strength was bounded by one another, a strong hold unfolded with each other.

“So James, how do like this one of a kind dress.” Lane swung the dressing door open revealing a blue teal dress.

“It all looks the same Lane, how come you’re punishing me over this?” James slouched in his chair huffed loudly to express his sheerness of boredom.

“Okay James, what would you like to do instead of gawking at me?” Lane spoke in a forgiving voice.

“I don’t really know, maybe we could go towards the ice cream parlor get their blast from the past scoop.” James jumped out of his chair and then rushed quickly to the entrance of the shop eagerly waiting for Lane to finish off dressing.

Lane was disappointed in the choice of James wanting to leave so quickly, she didn’t know if he did not find her attracted at all anymore.

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