As the hard drives were thrown over the edge, a face flickered to life on the main monitor. The face. Of the Canceler. Captain Jason ran up to it, screaming “What do you want, Canceler???!!”

The Canceler cackeled. “I want your ship! After all, it still has my logo printed on the side!”

Captain Jason looked down at the ficlets logo on the side of the ship (They hadn’t had time to insert the ficly logo) as the Canceler continued. “And the attorneys will reach you in one minute. Happy lawsuit!”

Jason swung the ship to the side suddenly, towards the nearest landmass. G2 fell off her stool. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” she screamed at him. “IMPROVISING WELL IS HARD ENOUGH WITHOUT BEING CHUCKED OFF YOUR STOOL!”

“Brace Yourselves!” Jason yelled as they ran aground.

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