I drove my car towards the horizon. The lush green grass flew past me. I looked at me speedometer; I was going 75km/h, 30km/h above the speed limit, and 75km/h faster than I wanted to go. As I sped along the road, the horizon grew ever closer.
Besides the sound of crunching gravel under the tyres and the wind whipping through the car, there was a siren; a police siren, no doubt. I floored it, and sped off down the dirt road.
After several minutes of panicked racing, I slowed to a halt. My car had a flat tyre. I swore to myself, “Why did I kill that man?!”
To which it replied, “I had to! It was his fault! Not mine!”
“But I didn’t want to!” I was shouting now.
“But you HAD to!” it yelled.
“I DON’T NEED MEDICATION!” I screamed at myself.
At that, I stormed off into the grassy fields, stomping all the way. I finally reached the bottom of the hills, and then I screamed. It had followed me. It was talking to me.

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