Drawing on my parka, I glanced out the office window at the thermometer. Twenty eight degrees. A snow covered propane tanker had pulled into the loading dock. We weren’t officially opened for another three hours, but being I was on pipeline duty anyway, I’d opened the gates early.

A splash of cold night air slapped me in the face as I opened the door. The hooded yard lights illuminated the slow falling snow. I didn’t recognize the driver, but as we passed he said, “Filler up.”

I brushed the snow from his fill cap, clamped the ground wire to his bumper, and coupled the propane hose to his fill line. After I opened up the fill valve, I headed down between the long rows of propane tanks that were receiving propane from a Texas pipeline. From the ground I could look up at the gauges on three tanks that were being filled simultaneously. Two of the tanks were at 80% the other tank was at 50%.
I tightened the string on my parka hood, and waited for the tanks to reach 90%.

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