The Golden Afternoon

As they twirled their way to Victoria’s Eliza met up with them and linked arms with Laura they all danced their way to the backyard garden. Alice grabbed Victoria’s kitten Dinah, she was a small tabby with pointed ears, she was six months old and was apart of their game. Alice was the actual owner of Dinah but Victoria had to keep her since Alice wasn’t allowed to have pets in her apartment. Laura and Eliza twirled and danced around while Victoria got primped and ready to play. Alice lay down in the daisies and began dozing off, just then Victoria came out yelling.

“Where are my loyal subjects!” Her high pitch squeal piped in. Alice’s head popped up and she stood walking over to the rest of them.
Eliza and Laura bowed to their queen. Alice on the other hand sneered at her. “What makes you think you are royalty? I could be queen of this place if I wanted to.”
Their game had begun.
“OFF WITH HER HEAD!!” Screamed The Queen of Hearts. “What?!” Alice yelled running towards the exit. She saw the rabbit hole ahead.

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