A Regular Joe, Part Deux

The singing was obviously of a woman and when he looked around he saw stucco walls painted a garish peach. Inwardly he shuddered. It was all so strange and ugly to him, and the woman stopped singing. “Jon Pierre,” she called out in a very affected accent, “have you woken up yet? We have to get to ze doctor’s so he can check on our little Jon.” When she said the name Jon, it sounded almost Chinese. Zhon. Strange, very strange.

Hey, maybe I am dreaming! He thought to himself. Unable to cope with the reality of the situation, the woman waltzed out. Her stomach looked almost comical with a huge basketball-like lump budding. She bent down as the man’s eye grew wide and gave him a big kiss. “Come along, mon cher, let us get to Doctor Mabelle.” Dazed, he stood up and followed the woman. She was really quite striking, with lovely dark brown hair and green eyes. Really, it was quite then, pinching himself and walking, he realized it wasn’t a dream.

He could get used to being Jon.

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