Just another day in paradise #8

After they day I met Justin, he was at my house everyday. He was always staring at me and hitting on me.
Of course, I ignored all of it and hated it. One wednesday after school he approached us while we were at the indoor ice skating rink.
I was skating with Alex and Callie, all of us knocking into each other, falling, and laughing. I was wearing a blue leapord bring Cardi Cami top, with a blue cardian, and white skinny jeans from Michael Kors.My hair was down and curled.
After an hour of skating, we stepped out of the rink for a snack.
We sat down at one of the many tables out side of the rink.
Who then came up to us, all ready to skate, but Justin Bieber. He slid on the bench next to me.
“Hey beautiful!” He winked at me.
“Ugh. No way. I scooted down the bench.
“So who’s ready to hit the rinks!”
I rolled my eyes.
“Were leaving the rinks actually.”
“Well, thats too bad for me.” He made the puppy dog face. That was enough for Alex and Callie.
“We’ll come with you!”
So they left me by myself.

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