"She Cheated!"

Last to be picked again. My hand itches. Perhaps I should give myself a little nudge and show them all what I can do. I know I shouldn’t, but I want to and that means I will. It’s running today (Miss Lainey, the cow!) and everyone knows I’m a terrible runner, seriously. Everyone wants Amy on their relay team. She’s pretty too, sometimes life’s rubbish.

As we’re lining up, I spread my fingers and close my eyes. A small jolt runs through me as I whisper, “Momentos Enerjasen!”
Pure energy fills me. Head to toe tingles with wonderful anticipation. I look at Amy standing next to me and she smirks and tosses back her beautiful, long copper hair. Behind me, Sadie’s running with the baton outstretched. I reach behind me and take it and then I run.

And, wow, do I run? Perhaps the spell was too strong. Ha! You think? I can barely see. The world is a blur but a blissful one. I have wings on me feet. No, I really do!

I pass the finish line. I’m not even out of breath. Amy turns to Miss and pouts,
“She cheated!”

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