A Christmas Mouse

On the night before Christmas, there was a mouse. Mr Snuffles was sad because he had no place to go for Christmas and nothing to eat. He sat in the snow for a while and cried until his tiny nose dribbled and his whiskers froze to icicles.When he stopped sobbing, he looked up and blinked. An old man stared at him and stroked his beard, frowning,
“Mr Snuffles,” he said, “You’ve been a bad mouse.”

Mr Snuffles, unaware of his trespasses considered his deeds over the last year and then remembered his twin brother (Mr Scratcher) a rather bad mouse with a leather jacket obsession. “I think you have the wrong mouse, sir.” he said. “You need my brother, Scratcher.”
“Ah,” smiled the man, consulting his notes. “Indeed I do. For my mistake I’ll take you home with me for Christmas.”

And so Mr Snuffles spent the happy day by the fire eating mince pie and turkey. Later, he told his kids a tale of a man who gave good mice nice things. A million years later, humans had evolved from Mr Snuffles and still tell the tale.

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