Calendar of a Blind man...

November 1st: The smells are changing. John wonders if it’s New Year yet. Lucy and Susan pass away, thank heavens. John is cold but the nurse’s don’t bother with more blankets.

November 2nd: John sleeps until midday, he doesn’t like the lack of military precision in the home. The new smells are rotting leaves and flooding drains. The piano won’t tune!

November 3rd: It’s too cold. But not as cold as back in John’s day. The schoolchildren put on a play. John wishes he could watch it but he likes how they say their lines.

November 4th: John’s eyes hurt, he can remember the gas and the bombs. He wants Tessie to visit him and keeps forgetting that his mother can’t hold his hand from where she is.

November 5th: The noises! The bangs upset John. He has flashbacks. Alone in his little world he watches explosions and sees men bleeding to death. He can’t see the beautiful fireworks. He hears the shrieks. And smells the smoke.

November 6th: Oliver arrives at the home. John hopes tomorrow is a better day.

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