Calendar of a Blind man...part 2

November 7th: John has a terrible dream. He cries like a baby for two hours. The doctor says: “He’s too weak, I’m afraid. I still think he won’t live out the month.”

November 8th: Sophie visits. John remembers when her mother was a child and wishes he could see her all grown up…his little girl. He cannot see her sobbing quietly in the grounds later. He cannot see anything.

November 9th: John’s birthday. The nurses bake him a cake and he likes it. He can’t count the candles, of course. But he wouldn’t want to. It smells of violets and fresh cream. Memories.

November 10th: Someone tells John the date and he does not talk for a while. He had forgotten. He remembers the snow and the rats and the gunfire. He cries again.

November 11th: John does not talk. He holds his poppy and waters it with tears. John listens to the memorial program from his rooms – but he’s far away.

November 12th: John catches a cold and stays in bed. He listens to the birds from under the blankets and tries to remember their names.

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